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 offers free game programming courses through our virtual online environment that allows the students to take part of their learning how to make games. Students not only they learn how to develop their games but also learn the development framework behind the core technology and the art of game programming. The objective of the course(s) is to share our game programming and design knowledge to the new beginners who wish to start in the game programming industry for free of charge. The course provides a basic foundation knowledge of game programming, and it is the first step to game programming.

Starting sometime in 2012, Digia has officially taken over Qt from Nokia and continues to expand Qt further. You can visit to download open source Qt license.

Tutorials Links:

Fundamentals of C++ (pdf)
Part 1 (Setting up workspace)
Part 2 (Setting up workspace Part 2)
Part 3 (Fundamentals of Qt )
Part 4
(Fundamentals of Qt Part 2)
Part 5 (Fundamentals of Qt Part 3)
Part 6 (Fundamentals of Qt Part 4)
Part 7 (Fundamentals of Qt Part 5)
Part 8 (Overview of Basic Engine Framework )
Part 9 (Introduction to Direct3D 11 With Qt)
Part 10 (Integrate Direct3D11 To Qt)
Part 11 (Building Level Editor - Direct3D11 with Qt)
Part 12 (Shader 'HLSL' with Direct3D11/Qt )
Part 13 (Lightning in Direct3D11/Qt )
Part 14 (Fundamentals of Multiplayer Programming with QtNetwork)
Part 15 (Encryption Packet with QtNetwork)
More to come....

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